Storage Tank Sizing Calculator

This calculator determines the volume and alarm levels for a cylindrical storage tank.

Storage Tank Sizing Calculator Guide

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The calculator determines the volume and liquid levels for a vertical cylindrical storage tank.

The calculation is based on the principles described in HSE Guidance Note 176 - The Storage of Flammable Liquids in Tanks and recommendations made in the Buncefield Investigation Reports.

  1. Enter the required tank diameter
  2. Enter the required tank shell side vertical height
  3. Enter the maximum tank filling flow rate
  4. Enter the low liquid level
  5. Enter the high level response time
  6. Enter the high high level response time
  7. Enter the overflow level response time
  8. Click the "Calculate" button
  9. The calculator will determine:
    • Liquid surface area
    • Maximum rate of level rise
    • Normal liquid fill level and volume
    • High liquid level and volume
    • High high liquid leveland volume
    • Total tank volume (based on cylindrical volume)
    • Tank working volume between the low and normal liquid fill levels


Storage Tank Sizing Diagram